My dad “goes to the store” for about 6 hours a day and comes home with nothing.

(A while ago the dog gets into the garbage bin and my dad comes home to find me picking up the scattered trash) “You can’t just have garbage laying around on the floor! What if there were babies crawling around our house! They’d get sick and die!”

He’s brought up our house having multiple anonymous babies in it a few times now.

I don’t have a clue what he does in his spare time.


saving electricity

Since moving back in with my dad I’m not allowed to touch the thermostat. It’s currently freezing over outside and my dad refuses to “waste electricity” by turning the heater on.

He also just came into my room and turned off my light, as I sat there eating an orange. He looked right at me.

Now I’m eating an orange in the dark. I don’t know.


morning bread

This morning at 5am, 2 hours before I had to drag myself out of bed for work, my dad woke me up…

to tell me he was using the last of the bread.